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Worklife Coaching Services from Linda Davidson

Note from Linda

Sometimes it’s nice to have a list of workshops to get you thinking about what you need for your people.  Here’s your list!  Call for more information, 303.917.2449.  For a printable list click here

You are not alone

This is what managers tell me keeps them up at night.  You too?

  • My employees work hard but they don’t work well together.  I want my employees to see the big picture.  Help us communicate better.
  • My people jump to conclusions about each other and come to me to complain, or are perpetually annoyed with each other.  They need to be better at resolving conflict.
  • I’m a new supervisor/manager.  Help me get a good start with my team.
  • I have an employee I value but she’s her own worst enemy (can’t run meetings, doesn’t present well, doesn’t get along, alienates people, doesn’t work to potential, etc.)  I need help from an outside person!

Workshops for groups

Workshops for your departments and executive team. Customized, interactive, fun.

  • Everyone on the Same Page.   Team building.
  • The Leadership Seminar and Leaders at All Levels.
  • How to Have Those Difficult Conversations.
  • Whoever Said They Wanted to Be a Manager When They Grew Up?  Nobody!  First-time supervisor or manager training.
  • The Future is… Now.  Strategic planning.
  • Professionals Like Us.  Raising the bar on how your people present themselves.

“I learned more about managing and leading in The Leadership Seminar than in 4 years of college.”


Executive, manager, and employee programs. to set goals and reach them.  Making change last.

Linda Davidson, Business Coach

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