Training and Development Options

  • The Leadership Seminar
    Send an employee (or yourself) to an open enrollment Leadership Seminar to develop their leadership skills.  Or bring your department or leadership team together.  Gets everyone on the same page fast.  More details below.*
  • Strategic Planning
    Set goals that all your employees buy into becoming more productive and taking your company forward.  Go to…
  • Professionals Like Us
    For small, professional offices, raise the bar on attitude, dress, and communicating with outside clients and customers.  They have the technical skills, now give them the professional demeanor.
  • Customer Service
    Help your employees deal with the public with good tools.  Give them methods to deal with irate customers.  Read “Papers for You” to get started.
  • You Say More than You Think!
    Resolving conflict, having those difficult conversations, understanding others’ work and communication styles.
  • The Speak Easy
    Speak easy in public.  We all have to present ourselves to others.  Perfect your presentation style in a comfortable setting where you can practice and improve.
  • Coaching 101
    What does it mean to coach an employee?  Learn great tips from a business coach!

…and more customized programs to fit your needs.

*The Leadership Seminar

What does it take to be an exemplary leader?

Either at an open enrollment seminar with a small group of people, all from different companies, or in a seminar with your team, you’ll learn your strengths and opportunities for improvement using a Myers-Briggs type work styles instrument, develop skills for building and leading teams, and have the opportunity to discuss your challenges. An excellent opportunity to become an exemplary leader.


  • Learn your strengths for leading and managing.
  • Build the “want to win” attitude in your team.
  • Manage and resolve team conflict.
  • Develop the day-to-day skills to manage challenges.
  • Be the leader, motivator and coach.


Your strengths and opportunities for growth

  • Flexing your management and leadership style for results.
  • How do your employees or co-workers see you?  Find out.

Communication and feedback

  • Listening at a new level — how a leader listens.
  • Giving effective feedback.
  • How to handle the difficult conversation.
  • Build a Want-To-Win Team

The principles of teams

  • Warning signs of an ineffective team and how you can make corrections now.
  • Coaching the problem player and the superstar.
  • Performance Management

Reconciling the company’s interest with the individual’s interest

  • Create a performance management process:  communicate, give feedback, coach, delegate, set goals, motivate, and reward.


Managers, supervisors, team leaders, prospective managers, anyone who deals with people.

The Leadership Seminar with Open Enrollment

or The Leadership Seminar with Your Team

Open Enrollment Leadership Seminar –In a small group, managers, supervisors and prospective managers from different companies learn their strengths, confront their opportunities for growth and tackle head-on their everyday issues.  One person per company.  Space is limited.  Contact Linda for information on the next one.

The Leadership Seminar with Your Team –Bring your team together to build leadership and management skills,  improve communication and become more effective.  As an off-site retreat, staff training day, or leadership team workshop.

Participant Comments

“I’ve told everyone who asks how wonderful the workshop was.  It was very beneficial to hear other managers have had some of the same issues, the reactions, thought processes and outcomes. Thank you.” — Edy George, Manager, First National Bank of the Rockies

“The small group is amazing for sharing ideas.  So much better than the crowds at the impersonal, canned workshops!” — Randy Hunt, Manager, Ametek

“The workshop helped me understand how and why I respond to work situations.  I  learned how beneficial it can be to work with a variety of types who bring their strengths to the mix.  The session was well-planned, thorough, and enjoyable.” — Kathy O’Shea, VP Development,  Hospice and Palliative Care of Western Colorado

“I greatly appreciated the opportunity, not only to learn more about myself, but to be involved in great discussions with others; their struggles and successes in management.” — Heather Gray,  Prospective Manager, Community Hospital

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