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Comments on the Leadership Seminar

I enjoyed this experience and learned more in one day about management than in college. Devin Reuss, Mudlogging Systems

I still think a lot about the class and all the great things I learned. Tyler Johnson, Ametek

I enjoyed the seminar and came away with several specifics about myself that I am indeed working to improve. Leslie Hentze, Delta County

I enjoyed the class and certainly had some very valuable ideas to take away. — Travis Robinson, Merrill Lynch

“I’ve told everyone who asks how wonderful the workshop was.  It was very beneficial to hear other managers have had some of the same issues, the reactions, thought processes and outcomes. Thank you.”  Edy George, Manager, First National Bank of the Rockies

“The small group is amazing for sharing ideas.  So much better than the crowds at the impersonal, canned workshops!”  Randy Hunt, Manager, Ametek

“The workshop helped me understand how and why I respond to work situations.  I learned how beneficial it can be to work with a variety of types who bring their strengths to the mix.  The session was well-planned, thorough, and enjoyable.” Kathy O’Shea, VP Development, Hospice

“I greatly appreciated the opportunity, not only to learn more about myself, but to be involved in great discussions with others; their struggles and successes in management.” Heather Gray, Prospective Manager, Community Hospital

As a new library director, I discovered the perfect start to building a cohesive team was through a day long session with Linda using the Myers Briggs analysis. Our session increased our appreciation and understanding of each other and our styles immensely; even the team members who had been together for years learned how to better interact with each other. By the end of the day we had worked through some tough issues and had started developing a plan for the future. Barbara Brattin, Library Director, San Miguel Public Library, Telluride, CO

Comments on Other Types of Workshops

The City of Rifle partnered with Linda to provide customer service training for all our employees and change management for two merging groups.  Through her professionalism, friendly demeanor, and passion for the subject, Linda facilitated sessions that empowered our employees to challenge their thinking, draw upon common experiences and develop a common language.  The tools gleaned from this shared experience equip our employees to perform their jobs in a positive, confident manner.  We highly recommend Linda! Wanda Nelson, CMC, HR Director, City of Rifle, CO

Our company was in need of organized goal-driven management meetings to be able to accomplish specific goals in the short amount of meeting time we have.  Linda helped us in weekly meetings to focus in on goals, to set time lines and to get them done.  We now have an updated employee manual, detailed standardized written training procedures for each job description and management communication on a much higher level.  Linda was able to listen and help organize and strategize to meet our needs. Spike Howard, President, D.H. Food Services, Inc., Dos Hombres

Involving the Board and management staff in our strategic planning process was a tremendous benefit as evidenced by the positive responses.  With such a diverse group we really appreciated having you facilitate.  We never would have been able to keep the group on track like you did.  All the comments I have heard have been very positive.  We created goals to work toward the mission, strategies to achieve those goals, and an action plan for getting it all done.  I do believe this will make all our jobs easier as we are now on the same page. Jerry Miller, HR Director, Mesa Developmental Services

The difficult conversations and appreciative inquiry workshops that Linda did for staff really made a positive impact on how we deal with one another and our customers.  Linda has a gift for leading and facilitating.  She interacts with her audience in a manner that is respectful and inclusive.  And most importantly, she demonstrates her feedback in such an affirming way that people actually do use new skills she has taught to them.  It is rare that a trainer impacts people’s behavior in such a meaningful and lasting way. Terry Pickens, former Library Director, Mesa County Public Library

We needed a gentle leader to work with our IT staff.  They are occasionally called upon to make presentations to groups about projects they are working on.  Linda Davidson was just the right person to help us.  She came well prepared and even our seasoned speakers learned new techniques from her.  Audience evaluations confirmed that our staff have improved their presentation skills.  Linda also worked very effectively with our staff on team building and our directors on appreciative inquiry. Joel Robinson, Executive Director, Marmot Library Network, Inc.

The public speaking workshop was just what I needed.  I am now standing up with confidence!  I was so wrapped up in introducing the speaker this last time that I forgot my announcements. Practice will improve me even more, I think. Your comment, Linda, that the town wants to know me has been an inspiration. I am rising to my duties as the library’s representative to the community.  I’m also keeping my hands at my sides.  🙂  I can’t imagine getting more from our time together than I did. We were truly spoiled to have you all to ourselves. Barb Brattin, Director, Wilkinson Public Library, Telluride, CO

I have had an opportunity to practice the principles we discussed in the public speaking workshop.  I had to give a talk the very next night after the class and I was able to keep my hands at my side with just a few hand/arm movements to make a point.  It was interesting to me to make a conscious effort to do those little things that made the talk easier and better. The breathing exercises were calming, making eye contact, projecting my voice, using the hand as a “claw” rather than fidgeting with both hands together in front of me.  All very helpful.  And – the video was a real eye-opener.  I am a very visual learner, so that was very revealing and helpful.   I too feel like we really had a wonderful opportunity for quality time together.  It was time well spent.  Thank you both for the input/feedback and good company. Judy Schrader, Marillac Clinic

Linda worked with our management group on communication skills.  It was an interactive session that generated lots of discussion and idea-sharing among the group.  We all took away several “pearls” from the session and continue to use the information on a daily basis.  Our group appreciated Linda’s highly professional yet warm and easy-going style. Patti Roberts, Vice President, Human Resources, First National Bank of the Rockies

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