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You don’t have to tolerate gossip

Gossip (The Office)

Gossip (The Office) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Office politics, back-stabbing, talking behind someone’s back or however you define it, you don’t have to put up with bad behavior.

It starts with a no-gossip culture, which you carefully cultivate. Best practices are these:

  • Talk about it with new hires.  The new hire signs an “agreement to values” form.
  • Managers speak to their people if needed. If they don’t stop they’re let go. “If you don’t confront, you condone.”
  • Managers give this message: It starts with you. If you don’t gossip and you let it be known you don’t tolerate it, others won’t gossip around you.
  • People call each other out with “You need to go to the source if you have a question.”
  • From business consultant, John Bassler: The best antidote to gossip is a leader with a thick skin and a well-advertised tolerance for candid feedback.
  • Make sure your employees get information from the source.  That means regular meetings. Stand-up meetings or sit down meetings, every meeting needs an agenda and a time limit. It can be the same agenda every week but you need an agenda. People need to, and want to know, what to expect. Circulate notes and action items in a follow up email.

It all comes down to communication. If you’ve done the work styles instrument with me you know your communication style. Consider having your team do it.

To facilitate effective communication make up a nameplate for each person’s desk with the color of their communication style on it. A person with a red bar appreciates when others are direct and state the facts quickly. Blue enjoys having all the details and time to process them. Yellow is spontaneous and likes a personal connection. Green is a sensitive person who likes to be approached as courteously as possible. Greens tend to be compassionate and supportive.

Don’t tolerate gossip. Rarely does everyone in a company like each other but half the battle is in their communication.

Good News! Quits Exceed Layoffs

From the Bureau of Labor Statistics, admire with me the slight upward trending of the blue line.   Layoffs and dismissals are down and quits are up.  Ahhh.  It feels so good.
This is good news for you the employee but not for you the employer.  Your good employees have the best chances to move on but you want to keep them.
To keep your [good] employees ponder these things:
  • Just like the stock market, employees don’t like uncertainty. Tell them what you expect and then tell them if they’ve accomplished it — or not. Employees tell me they can take, even welcome, having their flaws pointed out. It’s better than not knowing if they’re on track.
  • Give your employees what Daniel Pink in Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us calls MAP; an opportunity to Master new skills while working Autonomously towards a high Purpose.
  • Tell them you want them (if you do.)  Remember hearing the words those jump for joy words, “We want you”, when you were hired?  Those three words are just as important for your current employees.

Professionals Like Us

Is stepping up the professionalism in your workplace at the top of your list this year?
It is at a lot of companies I talk to.  Companies have standards.  You have standards.  How do you get those across to your employees?

To start the conversation you’re welcome to use this one-page survey I developed in response to a client’s need.  Professionals Like Us Survey

The goal is to have a conversation, there is no perfect score, only a workplace where there is employee pride and job satisfaction and where customers are impressed.

How to use the Professionals Like Us Survey

  1. Give it to your direct reports.  Go over it with each person in private.
  2. Use it as a 360 tool. Contact me for versions for a person’s manager and direct reports.  No cost.
  3. Have you given it your all and want some help from outside?  Call me for coaching and team workshops on “Professionals Like Us”.

Well, it’s happening again

I have a new vehicle and now I’m noticing all the CR-V’s there are on the road.  My goodness, everyone in Grand Junction has gone out bought one too.  Hmmm.  How odd.

Oh ya.  It’s the “new car phenomenon.  The number of CR-V’s hasn’t changed but my awareness of them changed.

What we notice tells us how we’re different.  Our differences are our strong points.

What do you notice?  I notice how people grow and succeed and make their lives fulfilling.  I use all that I’ve learned and am still learning about people to help you become successful and fulfilled.

Do you want to become more self-aware?

  1. Use a self-assessment.  That’s what they’re for, to learn your preferences.  The Myers-Briggs is the premier self-awareness instrument.  My client’s line, “It’s so me it’s almost scary”, is my favorite way to describe it.  Call me.
  2. Do your own self-assessment.  Whenever you see your car on the road think of one of your strengths and be your own coach.  Ask yourself How am I using this strength now?  What are other ways I could use it?  What’s one thing I can do to build on it?  Your cue words are:  Now, NewBuild.
  3. Have fun with Pinterest.  Pinterest is a giant tack board.  “An online bulletin board for you to organize and share things you love” is how they describe it.  Okay, it’s not for everyone, but it is cool. Find “pins” that describe you and pin them to a bulletin board. Before long you’ll know a lot about yourself from what you pick.

Notice your differences.  Value your differences.  Be grateful for your differences.

Now DO SOMETHING with what you know about yourself.

Sorry about the caps, but I’m “all caps” about this:  Don’t be held back by No messages in your head.  I can’t do it.  I’m not really that good.  I’m afraid to pursue it, I might get put down. Ignore them. Stifle them. Redirect them. Don’t think so much!

You only have one life. Don’t get stuck in procrastination, stuck in fear. Really, truly, you have nothing to fear, nothing to lose.  No, you won’t please everyone.  You will get rejected. You did put on your imaginary super hero suit under your clothes this morning didn’t you?  It will deflect those slings and barbs of the nay-sayers.  Add a get-it-done mindset and you’re ready to go for it.  I’m noticing.

You have brains in your head.  You have feet in your shoes.  You can steer yourself any direction you choose. — Dr. Seuss

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