Good News! Quits Exceed Layoffs

From the Bureau of Labor Statistics, admire with me the slight upward trending of the blue line.   Layoffs and dismissals are down and quits are up.  Ahhh.  It feels so good.
This is good news for you the employee but not for you the employer.  Your good employees have the best chances to move on but you want to keep them.
To keep your [good] employees ponder these things:
  • Just like the stock market, employees don’t like uncertainty. Tell them what you expect and then tell them if they’ve accomplished it — or not. Employees tell me they can take, even welcome, having their flaws pointed out. It’s better than not knowing if they’re on track.
  • Give your employees what Daniel Pink in Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us calls MAP; an opportunity to Master new skills while working Autonomously towards a high Purpose.
  • Tell them you want them (if you do.)  Remember hearing the words those jump for joy words, “We want you”, when you were hired?  Those three words are just as important for your current employees.

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