Professionals Like Us

Is stepping up the professionalism in your workplace at the top of your list this year?
It is at a lot of companies I talk to.  Companies have standards.  You have standards.  How do you get those across to your employees?

To start the conversation you’re welcome to use this one-page survey I developed in response to a client’s need.  Professionals Like Us Survey

The goal is to have a conversation, there is no perfect score, only a workplace where there is employee pride and job satisfaction and where customers are impressed.

How to use the Professionals Like Us Survey

  1. Give it to your direct reports.  Go over it with each person in private.
  2. Use it as a 360 tool. Contact me for versions for a person’s manager and direct reports.  No cost.
  3. Have you given it your all and want some help from outside?  Call me for coaching and team workshops on “Professionals Like Us”.

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