What could you do with a day away to focus on your leadership and management skills? Build your career!

The Leadership Seminar, Wednesday, October 5.

Who Should Attend?
Managers, supervisors, team leaders, prospective managers and anyone who deals with people.

How You Will Benefit

  • Learn your strengths for leading and managing and how to leverage them.
  • Approach conflict with confidence.
  • Become the leader, motivator and coach you want to be.

What We Will Cover

  • How others see you.
  • Communication styles.
  • Holding the difficult conversations.
  • Team dynamics.
  • We’ll have opportunity to tackle your day-to-day challenges.

This is a seminar unlike others. It’s not a room full of people listening to a speaker (“drone on and on” is how we all want to finish that sentence.) It’s a small group where we can discuss your day to day leadership and management challenges in a confidential, helpful way. There’s a lot of sharing ideas and What Works!

From one participant: “The small group is amazing for sharing ideas. So much better than the crowds at the impersonal, canned workshops.”

For more information, click here

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