Go, go, go

Go, go, go, our favorite phrase since I last wrote. We’re up and gone and out until all hours. No time to write but a lot of fun.

Now Gisela and Jenny have returned to their homes to go back to work and Lynn and I are finishing out the last two days in Prague.

I won’t be able to write about Dresden and the first few days in Prague now but will when I’m back. Pix then too.

Yesterday was beautiful so Lynn and I decided to walk the New Town and Old Town again and see a couple museums today when it’s supposed to rain. But we have even enjoyed walking in the rain. (Lynn has a pedometer and we have been surprised that we walk 5 to 8 miles a day.)

Prague is a beautiful city. On rolling hills, we’re treated to gorgeous views at every turn.

We enjoyed two performances: we were at Laterna Magika for a dance and film collage and “Giselle”, a ballet at the State Opera House.

Today it’s the Museum of Decorative Arts, more gorgeous architecture of buildings we have on our list (google the dancing house, Prague), and the Museum of Communism which scares us but we want to see it.

It’s a wonderful trip and now we’re anxious to see our hubbies!

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