Castles, Gardens, and the Dutch Quarter for us yesterday

Don’t you love public transport when you’re traveling?

Monday Gisela and I said a tearful good-bye and boarded the train,in the right car, for Berlin.  Well it was a tearful auf Wiedersehen for me.  I had an absolutely wonderful time with the Knoll family.  Karl is probably glad to have the chattering women gone and the house to himself.

Now we begin the next stretches, Berlin, Dresden and Prague.

Yesterday was our first full day in Berlin.

We are pros at public transport now.We know the S-Bahn, the U-Bahn and the bus. we only had one slip up. We got on the wrong, but going the right way. We noticed and got and onto the next one. All the trains have been on time. I know. The German punctuality.
Yesterday was the Sanssouci palace, think gold and rococco,in Berlin’s garden, the small town of Potsdam. the we returned to the city center to seethe last remnants of the wall, Checkpont Charlie,Brandenburg Gate and more of Germany current government.It pleased and interested all 3 of us.
My tablet is about to be out of battery!

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