Another Beautiful Day and a Party

Anton’s birthday.  He was so excited.  He’s 7!  Breakfast was the family party, kids’ party in the afternoon, and later in the day Gisela and I had a walk in the forest (Teutoburger Wald) ending with a drink at the restaurant at the edge of the forest.

The kid’s party.  The boys went to the soccer (Fussball) net to take turns kicking.  The girls sat at the picnic table and painted on eye patches and decorated themselves with tattoos.  The theme was pirates. Later,  a treasure hunt around the neighborhood.  I had one of the clues.  The clue to get to me was about Chistopher Columbus discovering America.  Annkathrin told me she knew I was from America.

(First pictureÖ  Grandpa tells Annkathrin she is a helicopter with her hair so.)


Grilled chicken, sausages, pork and shishkebobs.  Potato salad, pommes.  Champagne and wine.  For dessert,  strawberry trifle.   We sat in the garden.

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