A Going Away Party

There are pictures but I’ve already packed the camera and given back the USB cable!  So a quick telling…

A group called Wabash was playing at an outdoor attraction and we went to hear them.  All in English and it sounded strange to hear so much English!  Wabash sings folk songs from America’s earlier times.  Very pleasant and enjoyable.  The friends from Friday evening, Dave and Maria, met us there. Break time was for coffee and Kuchen.  We walked in the forest again after the program.

Caroline and Thies cooked dinner for a good-bye party.  It was gourmet!  The appetizer was soup with shrimp.  Tiny lamb cutlets with a delicious sauce and potatoes gratin was the main course.  The ending was raspberries in a cream sauce/pudding.  Delicious!

A rain storm ended the day and my wonderful time with the Knoll family.  It couldn’t have been better.  Thanks for your gracious and warm hospitality, Gisela, Karl, Caroline, Thies and Anton and Annkathrin!  I enjoyed every minute.

Now it’s on to Berlin and we’ll see how my Xoom works for blogging and pictures.

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