A Day at Home

Well, we did make a trip to Botanical Gardens which is on the grounds of a very old, very beautifully kept cemetary.

We started the day with Caroline and the children for breakfast.  See “Food!” below.  The two families live in the same structure, but two living quarters.  Comfortable, private for each family, and the grandchildren and grandparents have the benefit of growing up\old together.

The children didn’t have school, it was a religious holiday and they got to play outside all day.  It was a beautiful cool and sunny day.

On this holiday the tradition is that young men get together and take a cooler of beer and food and hang around all day together.  I may not have explained that correctly as I don’t see the point.  But that is probably because I don’t qualify.  We did see a group of young men around a grill when we were out and it looked like they were enjoying themselves. Thies had young men, friends, coming from Flensburg and they were going to hike.

Gisela and Caroline had a busy day.  Gisela did our wash, of course hanging it on the line.  The only way they dry clothes.  In the winter they hang clothes in the very large basement.  They use their dryer seldom.

Caroline and Gisela both made their strawberry Kuchen specialties for afternoon tea.  Both were scrumptuous (lecker).


Caroline served boiled eggs in egg cups, the Brötchen of many kinds that I had walked to the bakery for earlier, and the cheeses and meats that both families assembled, local honey and homemade jams and jellies.  Caroline makes cappuchinos, Karl tea, so we have our choice.

Note:  No, we’re not eating salads.  Yes, the e coli breakout is here in northern Germany and Berlin where we’re going next.  The Knoll family buys their fruit and vegetables very locally.  There is a Gärtnerei right next to them, a large farm.

Kuchen:  Caroline makes Erdbeer Kuchen with a flat cake on the bottom, pudding and strawberries on top.  Lecker!  Gisela makes a rolled cake with strawberries mixed in whipped cream in the middle.  Also lecker!

Evening meal was leek and potato soup and sausages (on the side as we didn’t want to add sausages to a French soup of such quality!)  Dessert was ice cream bars (hazelnut) as we watched a French movie.

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