So, I said to the nice lady, you get off here in Düsseldorf, don’t you?  No, she says, “You get off here.  Your next train will be on this track.  Just stay here.” I was happy for the direction.

My suitcase was still there.  Yea!  I and my too heavy suitcase de-trained — with the help of a young man who could easily lift 100 pounds, which is what my suitcase felt like by then.

I decided this time I was going to find out where along the long train my car would be.  (I love asking questions when I can use my German.)  The information person was happy to show me how to find out where your car would stop.  It was F.  He and I were at B.  It’s a long way from B to F.  I just get to F and I hear a message.  “New track for ICE 943! Track 13!  RUN!”

No elevator or escalator in sight, no strong young man.  Bounce, bounce, bounce my suitcase went down the stairs.  I did as instructed and RAN! to the track — and couldn’t find my car.  Once again thinking it’s better to get on any car than miss the train, I embarked.

It was a nice car, just a few people on it.  I had a table to rest my Xoom on to read my book (Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential — crazy life he’s had.)

Gisela is there to pick me up.  We’ve been good friends since we all lived in Charlotte.  We email often.  She writes in German and I in English.  That way we both keep up with our foreing languages.  I tell her the story of my many trips up and down tracks in Frankfurt and Düsseldorf not finding my cars.  I look at my ticket.  I had missed out on first class!

But, of course, it was just good to get there and the trains and fellow riders so pleasant anyway that first class couldn’t have been that much better.


I wouldn’t want you to miss out on the delicious food on the trip.

Our light supper that evening was the local spring specialties of white asparagus and potatoes with scrambled eggs.  For dessert, tiramasu with local strawberries.  Tasty!

Last evening Karl made us a delicious roast chicken, rosemary potatoes and fruit.   The children and grandchildren had returned from an orierenting competetion in Berlin.  More fun!

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