Am I on the right train?

There was no car 28.  Twenty seven was the last one although I did think, this isn’t like the Germans.  If they’ve sold me a seat on Wagen 28, they would have a Wagen 28.

But I got on 27 and found a place, confident I wouldn’t be asked to “‘raus steigen” for being in the wrong car.  I did hear “get off” once.  It was the first time I was on a train in Germany.  I was a college girl visiting Berlin with a friend after we had worked the summer as chambermaids in a hotel on a North Sea island.   At the first stop in the then East Germany we were asked to show our visas.  What visas?  So get off we did and they let us sit around for awhile and worry before sending us back to West Berlin. A bit frightening in the old days of East and West but now with a bit of drama added it makes a good story  at a dinner party.

Travelers know.  You always look for someone who looks nice to sit down next to so I picked carefully.  It also needed to be whereI could see my luggage.  I’d left it by the door because I knew I couldn’t lift it above my seat and didn’t think I could find someone THAT nice.   But would it get off in Cologne?

She is nice and she tells me I am going the right direction.  It’s nice to speak German!

Nice trains.  Quiet, fast and comfortable.

I had made the first train. I’m on the first leg of the trip; on my way to friends in Bielefeld!

Back up to the place ride.  It was Continental through Houston, which if you’re from Grand Junction you might know is a new route for us.

There’s not much good to say about a plane ride across the ocean (and Continental would rank below Lufthansa for me) when you’re in coach.  I know I’m not getting taller; they must be putting the seats closer. Oh, I have one good thing.  There are scads of movies, TV programs and music to pick from to enjoy to distract yourself from the pain.  And sometimes interesting seat mates.  This time a young woman going to Russia for training (strange to think of going to Russia for training) and a young man going home for a 5-day vacation to Kazakstan.   Both work in oil and gas.

We landed in Frankfurt and I made my way to the main train station.  It was a marvel to me.  Old, huge, busy.  See a picture later on Facebook.

I spotted a Creperie and had a cup of tea and a crepe with Nutella and banana!  If you don’t know what Nutella is don’t learn.  Try it and before long you’re eating out of the jar.  Or so people tell me.

More adventures to come.

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