Are We Indispensable Yet?

Are we indispensable yet?

Pamela Blythe

Pamela Blythe of The Blythe Group

Successful managers tell us what makes an employee indispensable to them.

We’ve learned a lot about how to be indispensable with advice from Jamie Hamilton, CEO of Home Loan, Beth Bricker, CNO of Community Hospital, and Bernice Barnard of Westcon, a Walman company.  In this issue we test our indispensability with Pamela Blythe of The Blythe Group.

Strong Character

“Find a strong character and you’ll have an employee who supports the goals of company always,” says Pamela. Owning a professional firm as Roy and Pamela Blythe do, Pamela values the employee who is concerned for the reputation of the firm and its financial success as if it were his or her own.

So, how do you recognize strong character, I asked Pamela?  Intuition, she said.  When they don’t make eye contact and they mumble, that’s a sign to pay attention.

Pamela feels the employer has to be in touch with his or her employees, to get to know them for a baseline.  She really wants to know about her employees’ kids; she wants to be involved in their lives.  She calls getting to know them, the Coffee Cup Walk Around.  “I want to know my employees.  And I mean it!” she says.

It’s the employer’s duty to provide a work environment that fosters good character in concert with the reality of good business.

“I would take character over skills any day,” Pamela says.  “Character is intuitive, skills can be taught.”

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