8 Great Reasons to Do Strategic Planning

I’ve just done a terrific strategic planning session with Ariel Clinical Services so I’m prompted to encourage you to do one with your company.

1. Gets everyone on the same page saving time and money.

2. Everyone has the same information; transparency promotes trust.

3. Creates a contract between board and CEO, CEO and leadership team, with employees and with vendors; fosters accountability.

4. Helps a board adhere to its primary purpose.

5. Solves day-to-day management and personnel problems.

* Creates criteria for decision making at all levels; employees ask, “Does it support the plan?”

* Replaces personality cults with written agreement.

* Reduces micromanagement by board, CEO and staff.

* Helps during conflicts by serving as a touchstone for every decision.

* Provides objective criteria for evaluations.

* Hiring is done to fill skill/talent/personality trait needs based on the plan.

6. Moves the organization forward to a new destination while keeping it relevant to its mission and the community it serves.

7. Everyone learns better business practices enabling us to meet the new challenges of the future brought on by changing customer or client needs, culture, technology, community and competitors.

8. A powerful mission statement creates good community relations.

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