Need a Professional Resume?


FACT:  Hiring managers spend a few seconds, at most, on your resume. You want a resume that’s

  • Easy to read
  • Conveys your message
  • Speaks to their job
  • Markets you

Is your resume a rehashing of your job duties? Is the page crammed with words and bullets?  Show it to a friend. What’s the feedback they give you?

You want a resume written by a professional. As a business coach I have close contact with hiring professionals. I know what managers and HR folks are looking for.

I’ve written hundreds of resumes that get results. This isn’t a resume factory where you’re assigned to someone.  With me you’re working with a professional and your resume will show it.

You’ll hear You’ve got the job! sooner.

For More Information

My site devoted to job search tips is Resumes 2


Click on the button for your program to pay with credit card or PayPal. (PayPal calls your payment a donation. It works.) For questions use the form at the bottom. I’ll respond shortly.

    350.00 USD
    Resume, cover letter template, social media review and job search tips along the way. Editing available for 30 days.
    $979.00 USD
    Resume, profiles needed; cover letter template; interview skills and practice with video; negotiation, and social media review. 3 months.
  • My First Resume
    $169.00 USD
    style=”font-size: 13px;”>For students and recent grads. Resume, cover letter template and social media review. Editing available for 30 days.

Questions? Ask them on this form.

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