What is a Worklife Coach?

My job is helping organizations prosper and business people find satisfaction in their work lives.
Linda Davidson

Linda Davidson

  • Do you want your employees to step up to the plate, communicate better, be a team?
  • Are you dealing with conflict issues on your team?
  • Do you have a valued employee whom you want to keep but you’ve done all you can do?  An outside person brings a fresh perspective and importance to the issue.

From two decades of facilitating groups and coaching I know a few things. I know that you, the supervisor, manager, CEO or owner want everybody on the same page, energized and motivated. You want people working together as a team. You want them to get along. Your employees want clarity; clarity in duties, communication and feedback. They want their work to be satisfying. They want to make a contribution. They want and need development activities to continually learn and to be inspired to accomplish more.

In fun, productive and interactive workshops or one-on-one coaching, your employees learn leadership, organizational, management, planning and communication skills, learn how to handle conflict and difficult conversations better and become more confident.

Consider this website a brochure. Explore it and when you see something that strikes a chord with you let’s talk.

Call 303.917.2449.
Prefer I call you? Use this contact form.


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