Linda DavidsonHi, I’m Linda Davidson. Welcome to the website and blog of a Business Coach and Professional Resume Writer.

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Business Coaching

As a business coach I work with executives, managers and employees for one on one coaching and workshops in leadership, strategic planning and team building. My business is conducted across the United States (and internationally for resume writing). My current location is Grand Junction, Colorado. Previously I worked for large and boutique consulting firms and owned my own consulting firm in Dallas, Texas.
My job is to help people find satisfaction and reward in their work lives and smooth out the wrinkles. We do that with fun, interactive and productive training and development sessions and coaching.

  • Do you have a problem employee?  You have a good employee whom you want to keep but he or she needs help managing others, delegating, organizing their work, appearing professional or any of a myriad of issues that you yourself can’t fix? Contact me about coaching.
  • Are you dealing with conflict issues on your team? An outside mediator can help. Contact me to mediate employee relationships.
  • Do you want to have a more effective board? Do they need to step up to the plate in governance? Do they need help performing up to your expectations? Contact me to help you get the support you need from your board.
  • Do you want your team to work together better? Using a classic, time-honored work styles instrument based on the work of Myers-Briggs, we’ll help your team appreciate their own and others’ work styles. Contact me about a workshop, seminar or retreat facilitation.

From two decades of business consulting and coaching I know a few things. I know that you, the supervisor, manager, CEO or owner want everybody on the same page, energized and motivated. You want people working together as a team. You want them to get along.
Your employees want, above all, clarity; clarity in duties, communication and feedback for how they’re doing. Everyone wants their work to be satisfying and to make a contribution. Everyone needs development activities to continually learn and to be inspired to accomplish more. That’s where I come in.
Consider this website an informational brochure. Explore it and when you see something that inspires you let’s talk.
Take the next step. Call 970.242.7677 or leave your contact information below.

Get Your Resume Noticed!

Don’t fret about trying to craft a good resume yourself. You won’t do justice to your own. I know. I’ve helped hundreds of people get noticed. Call me or leave your contact information below.
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